Saturday, August 9, 2008

Enjoying Flagstaff

We moved up to Flagstaff last week, August 5th. Brrr!!! Who would've thought it could hail in August!? The weather has been mostly pleasant- lots better than Mesa! Our new apartment is pretty nice and we can't wait for all our family and friends to come up and visit! We'll be sure to post pictures of it as soon as we get some.


Nate and Amy Sorensen said...

I found you! Nate and I are so glad to have you up here in Flagstaff with us. Brandon is going to LOVE the Speech Path program.

sharpfamiy said...

You guys should have moved back to Rexburg. Jared would have loved that! Your daughter is so so beautiful! Aren't little girls the best! One day we'll have to get our kidos together. I miss Arizona. Take care,
Heather Sharp

Brenna said...

YAY Bloggerific! I was hoping you would start a blog! I was telling Cody last week that we havn't hung out with you guys in forever & he finally told me you guys moved! grrr! Hope it is not too permanent! I cannot get over how big Eliana is! Holy CoW! & Yes you can Brag!! lol She is so advanced!!! That is awesome!