Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa's Coming!

We attempted to take family pictures for our Christmas cards today. Out of over 100 shots- one might be decent enough to send out! It was quite a feat trying to get Eliana to hold still... Let alone smile for the picture! As a reward for being so good for pictures we took her to see Santa Claus. She was soooo excited! The conversation went something like, "Eliana, do you want to go see Santa?" "OKAY! OKAY!" Noticing that I didn't have shoes on since we were at home, she ran to my closet, grabbed a shoe that matched my outfit (surprisingly!) and demanded for me to put my "Shoes on! Shoes on!" Noticing that she only grabbed one shoe, she ran and got the match (which was quite remarkable since they were in a big pile in my closet- yah, we're doing some house-cleaning tomorrow). She placed them perfectly in front of my feet. I think I offended her a little when I chose a different pair to wear. Sorry, Eliana. Nevertheless, she was so excited and shouted, "Santa's coming! Santa's coming! Let's go!" Unfortunately, you can't sense her enthusiasm in the picture but it was there. Hey, I was just glad she didn't scream her head off like most 1 1/2 year olds!

Here are a few of our most humorous family pictures from the photo shoot. Brandon will love it when he sees I put up the cool one of him! HA HA!


Nate and Amy Sorensen said...

your pictures turned out so cute! love them!!

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful Melissa! I have always thought that. I love the pictures. We really need to take family pictures too

Brenna said...

Ahwwww! I love them! YOu look Awesome! How funny you are right most kids that age sream when they meet Santa! That is so cool!

PS. E-mail me your address brenna.castaneda at gmail

jill and gordon dever said...

I love the family photos! Looks like it's nice and chilly up there. Eliana is such a cute girl--she for sure takes after her mom!:) This reminds me, I still have to take Weston to see Santa. We miss you guys--we definitely have to do something next time you come down!