Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snow Day!

The last couple of days have been snow days so NO SCHOOL! Even NAU was out yesterday and half a day on Monday. We got 29 inches total over the last few days! ...So of course we played in it. Eliana loved jumping in it and eating it.
Eliana standing in the snow. I'm not even sure if her feet are touching ground.

Eliana eating the snow... So gross.


Stacie said...

I didn't realize that with snow day you didn't have to go to work! SWEET! Eliana is so cute!! My kids loved the snow too! There was just SO much of it at one time!!

The John Family said...

she is so funny! I bet snow would be good!

Karalee and Anthony said...

You guys are such an adorable family! I can't believe you got that much snow up there. It looks like Eliana had a blast!