Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming Down With a Case of Nostalgia

I was writing in my journal yesterday and realizing that our sweet little baby is turning 2 soon! Although I still call her my baby, she has grown so much- especially intellectually. She's an out-going toddler who loves learning and socializing. I decided to flip back a few pages, back to May 4, 2007. Just a small excerpt (I'll leave out the gorey, yucky stuff)--
"Brandon and I held her and stared at her as she looked up at us. It was like she already knew us. After finally meeting her, we both felt good about naming her Eliana Koryn Johnson. Eliana cried for the first hour and a half of her life. Great lungs I guess! It was seriously so amazing how alert she was when she was first born. She looked so perfect! I couldn't believe it was real!"
As much as I loved that tiny cuddle-bug, I sure enjoy the excited toddler who gives the tightest hugs while saying, "I love you, Mama." I love that I'm able to talk to her and she tells me all about her day. I love that she picks out her own outfits and tells me what she wants to eat. Every stage has been an exciting adventure. I'm left in suspense as to what the future holds... but for now I'll just keep treasuring every moment.


Stacie Robinson said...

Those pictures are so precious! It really is amazing how fast they grow. Eliana is getting so big and she is so cute! I can't believe how adorable she is getting.

Tad and Joy Martin said...

Brandon- what a cute baby, glad to see your blog.