Friday, April 17, 2009


We thought we'd take a family picture after church although we should've done it before church when our hair actually looked somewhat decent.

Eliana in her cute little Easter dress. We got this for her last year so we're so glad it fit this year!

Eliana loved coloring the easter eggs although she didn't have enough patience to let them just sit in the cups. She liked dumping them in every color possible and then wiping the color off with a paper towel because it got "dirty".


Katie and Levi said...


I am setting my blog to if yo still want to be able to see it you need to send me your email... Mine is


Katie and Levi said... the way..You all look so beautiful in your easter clothes. You look like you did in college. You're Gorgeous!! I guess that is like all the donaldson's. ;-D

The John Family said...

So cute!

Melissa and Brandon said...

Katie! My email is Hopefully you get this 'cause I'm not sure how else I could send it to you. And thanks for the compliment altho' I'm not sure it's a good thing to look the same as I did back then! Ha ha!

Karalee and Anthony said...

She looks so cute in her easter dress! I love easter dresses. They are always so bright and Springish.