Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Poor Little Geo

I took Eliana grocery shopping a few days ago. We only had to get a few things so the trip was pretty quick. While walking back out to my car I noticed a teenager standing outside of his Bronco blasting music. I thought it was odd that he was parked in a handicap spot without a decal, maybe he was just making a quick trip as well. I loaded up the car, buckled Eliana in and very slowly reversed while carefully watching. This kid JOLTED carelessly out of his parking space and rammed right into us. He admitted fault so I didn't bother calling the police (although now I know I should have, regardless). I thought everything would be taken care of with his insurance company and then I descovered... Nope, they only thing he's 80% responsible which is completely ridiculous. So 80% of the car's value is what they're giving me. Well, that would be an alright deal except now my car is considered TOTALLED even though the accident didn't affect it's driving performance at all. They say the damage would be more expensive to fix than the car's value. So good ol Progressive said they'd purchase the car from me for $1500 or give me $1000 if I keep it but I'd have to go get it salvaged stamped and then inspected in order to restore the title. It's so hard to decide what to do! We'd like to just take the $1500 and put it towards a new car but finances are SO TIGHT right now. It's still a great car and has many miles left on it. Should I take the $1000, keep driving it and then as soon as we can afford a new car, try to sell it with a salvaged/restored title for maybe $700? Ugh! I have to decide by Monday so please let me know what you would do!


Heather said...

Kevin says to take the 1,000 and keep the car. Be sure to take pictures and document exactly what happened so you can show people when you go to sell it. A restored title is more of a big deal on a NEW NEW car and he says you wont loose too much. That really sucks. We are sorry. Good luck making up your mind.

Karalee and Anthony said...

That stinks about your car. Anthony says he'd just drive it like that! hee hee... Don't you just love it when expensive things go wrong at such inconveniant times? Ugh. Maybe you could find a replacement part at the junk yard? Good luck.

Tad and Joy Martin said...

Tad says take the money and just keep driving's sounds like a good car is what you need while in school