Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donaldson Family Reunion

You can't have a Donaldson Family Reunion without a pinata!

This is all the great grandkids who were there. There are 100-something more (not even exaggerating... My grandparents had/have 14 kids, 50 something grandkids and tons of greats!)

Eliana with her cousin, Marlyse. Poor Eliana got a black eye from a hard fall last week. My poor baby! It's all better now though!

Trying to cool off from the nasty Mesa heat!

Brandon, Paul and Brian enjoyed a little bit of Rock Band during some family down time.

I was forced into participating in "10 Virgins" skit by my sister. My acting skills probably won't win any awards this year but it was a lot of fun.

Me with my cousin Afton

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Mom said...

I'm glad you took pictures at the reunion, altho' you don't have any of us oldies. How's come? You're not embarrassed by us, are you? Anyway, glad to know where we can find pictures to show we actually had a Donaldson Reunion this year. It's nice there were cousins there closer to your age, too, and their kids for Eliana to play with. Hope you had a great time. Love, Mom