Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lava Tubes

Yesterday, Brandon, Eliana and I met up with some of Brandon's friends from school and work. We went to the "Lava Tubes" which is 3/4 mile long cave created (the say) about 655,000 years ago from lava. The cave was discovered in 1915 by lumber men. It was a warm day for Flagstgaff (about 85 degrees) so it felt so good going inside the cave where it was 40 degrees! It sure was a fun experience but it's really rocky inside so our legs got quite the work out from all that climbing!
I was surprised that Eliana didn't get scared and only cried on the way out when Brandon didn't dodge the ceiling so her head had a minor collision. It didn't even leave a bruise so all went well. Flagstaff sure is beautiful and there's still so much more we have yet to discover!


Heather said...

Sounds fun! We were thinking of going to Flagstaff yesterday, but went up by Payson instead. Next time we feel like taking a day trip maybe we can meet up! :)

Flora Donaldson said...

I don't know whether my last comment was accepted or not. Sounds like you've had a really fun summer. Have you gone to see Meteor Crater yet?