Friday, August 14, 2009

Cinderella in 28 Words

Saying that Eliana loves Cinderella would be a complete understatement. Poofy princess dresses and sparkly tiaras, wands, shoes and fingernails are what she lives for. She had been so obsessed with Cinderella and wanting to watch it on repeat that it was temporarily banned. Incredibly, she was able to go almost a whole month without the prized princess. Of course, she never stopped talking about it. In fact, I think the fairy godmother came and gave her a new dress everday. [She loves pretending]. I finally popped in the classic last night and watched her fascinating facial expressions and listened to the commentary the whole time.

She must've been dreaming about it all night. Her first sentence to us this morning was exactly this (in her loud, excited voice), "The step-sisters ripped Cinderella's dress but her fairy godmother came and got her a new dress so she can go to the ball and dance with the prince!"

Excited a little, Eliana? I was more overwhelmed by the longest run-on I've ever witnessed than her passion for the princess. But c'mon... Am I really going to correct a 27 month old for her quadruple independent clause conjoining?

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Relizra said...

Quadruple independent clause conjoining, huh?

Seriously, what did you just say?