Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help! The princess is driving me nuts!

At first, the pretend play was cute.  But now, after several months of princess play everyday, it's getting old.  Seriously, it's driving me crazy!  The first thing Eliana wants to do when she wakes up is watch Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.  Then when she's done, she wants to color a picture of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.  After that, she dresses up like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella and immediately assigns parts to carry out exact scenes from the movie (don't even think about skipping a line).  If I deny playing the assigned part, she throws an incredible princess fit which is what usually happens.  I'm so sick of princesses it's not even funny!  What happened to my little girl who loved learning new things, reading books and playing outside?  Now she'll do those things only if she's wearing a tiara.  C'mon!  Seriously!?  What can a mother do?  Is this just a phase or should I expect this to continue into the school years?   Mothers of little girls, please help!!!


Brenna said...

ha~! no help here! That is tooo funny!
I think I sent you the e-mail but just in case... I'm stopping by to send you an invite to my big Twilight Party check out my bloggy blog for more info!! It sounds like you need a good mommy break lol ~b~

Katie and Levi said...

Too funny!! I was the same way when I was little... except it was the wizard of oz. All Day, Every day. I think I acted it out until I was in kindergarten. Sorry if that makes you feel bad. But every one is different. and who doesn't want to be a princess?!?
Mackenzie loves Dora... too much! If I saw on more episode of Dora I was going to scream!! So I bought her some head phones and put a dvd of it in the computer and let her watch it. AAHHH Serinity! Try that on one of those extra bad days! Good luck. Keep us posted.

The Reeds said...

She is SO cute. I think that is just a little girl thing. Olivia does it too. The only difference is that she does it with ALL the Disney movies she sees.

Camille said...

Umm yeah just wait til you have a boy i am every superhero in the book. Seriously how many times can you kill the bad guys!!!! He is 3.5 and still going stong. I feel like it started at 3...i know what happened to the learning book days??