Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny Eliana

Eliana has been saying the funniest things lately.  I really need to do better at keeping track.  Seriously, I'm laughing about something she says every single day.  The other day she was watching Snow White and commented about the part where the dwarfs think she's dead by saying, "The Hi Ho's are sad!"  I just love how she called the dwarfs "Hi Ho's" so now we call them that all the time!

She's been asking "Why?" about EVERYTHING lately.  I always knew we'd someday get to this age but somehow I thought I would be able to satisfy her curiosity by answering every question.  Little did I know, there are MANY questions that I have no idea how to answer!  I end up getting somewhat annoyed and asking her in return, "What do you think?"  She absolutely hates this.  She responds with attitude, "Nooo!  I asked YOU!"  So then I'm forced to make up some completely ridiculous answer just so she can relax.  Some of these questions (usually during movies) include:  Why is Cinderella crying?  Why did her dad die?  Why does she have step-sisters?  Why do they make her work so much?  The list goes on and on an on.  It's like watching a movie with my sister-in-law!  (Love ya, Shari!)

Another cute thing she's been talking about lately is how everything was made by Jesus.  I LOVE this little reminder.  At home, looking for a toy, "I'm looking with my eyes 'cause Jesus made them!"  Outside in the cold, "I can see my breath!  Jesus made it!"  Driving in the car, "Look at the pretty sky!  Jesus made it!"  Oh how I love how observant she is and how she credits Christ for everything she enjoys.  Thank you, nursery leaders!

P.S.  I would've posted a recent picture of Eliana but I haven't taken any since Christmas.  The only pictures I've been taking lately have been for my photography class.  This one I'm including with this post is one of those.  I know, I have A LOT to learn in photography!

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The John Family said...

HEY HEY NOW! I am not that bad! Ok maybe I am- during watching movies! Im a blonde!