Friday, September 25, 2009

Eliana's Potty Progress

At what point can you say your child is "potty trained"? Is it a week without diapers during the day? Two weeks? Whatever it is, Eliana is getting close. She has gone 3 days (just during the day) without diapers now and NO ACCIDENTS! I haven't had to nag her even once. She completely stops what she's doing, shouts "I need to go potty!" and hurries to the toilet where she totally does it all herself. When it comes to potty training, I never wanted it to be a fight or struggle. I just figure that when she's ready I'll help encourage her but never make her feel bad for having "accidents" since that's completely normal. I haven't had the courage to take her out in public without diapers yet but I'm thinking that might be the next thing. So far, this whole "waiting until she's ready" thing is working wonderfully!Eliana was only 10 months old in this picture. Guess she's always been a toilet enthusiast... Way to be, Babe!


Stacie Robinson said...

I agree! They will do it when they want to. Way to go Eliana!!

The John Family said...

so cool! Its great to not change diapers! She was so chunky I forgot how chunky she was!