Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Donaldson Heritage

My uncle passed away and his funeral was this past weekend in Duncan. Although funerals are never much fun, it was good seeing family I haven't seen in a long time. This uncle was just older than my dad. It made me so sad to think that my dad is getting older and that one day it will be his time to go. Heck, it could be anyone's time at anytime. Death is not sad for the righteous person experiencing it; only those who can't see you for a little while. I am grateful that I will be able to see my family again. I am so grateful I came from a wonderful line of hard-working, loving, wise and righteous people and for all that they have taught me.

This is a picture of my cousin's and their mom. It was their dad who passed away.

Aunts and uncles who attended the funeral. My dad is the handsome one in the dark suit. There were 14 kids in all in the family, now only 9 are living.
My sweet Eliana at the Virden Cemetery.

Sunset behind my grandpa's shed and where the barn used to be.


Katie and Levi said...

The Donaldson's are the best aren't we?! Sorry about your uncle. I know it is hard when someone we just love pass away.I had a hard time when Levi's grandpa passed away a couple years ago. But he told me that he heard in a talk somewhere that said if we TRUELY understood how happy and at peace our loved ones are we couldn't cry...that always stuck with me. In a way we are crying because we are going to miss them. It just shows you what a good person they are the more tears we cry. Hope you are doing good. Love you!

Kevin and Britney said...

Kevin and I went to Kameron Haban's funeral acouple weekends ago. You remember him at EA? Funerals are not the funnest thing. But an eternal family is! YOu're awesome Melissa!